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Cemetery Road Corridor Policy Plan

Cemetery Road Urban Growth Overlay-Future Land Use Map

Policy Statements:

CRC-1 All development in the Cemetery Road Corridor shall conform to the adopted Future Land Use Map unless evidence can be presented that the proposed use is in compliance with the policies of the Cemetery Road Corridor Policy Plan and the Comprehensive Plan.

CRC-2 All residential development and re-development should be compatible with existing neighboring residential uses.

CRC-3 All single family and multi-family residential development shall provide curb, gutter, and sidewalks (or other means of pedestrian circulation and linkage to the greenways system).

CRC-4 All commercial uses should be of neighborhood scale and character, and should be compatible with the surrounding residential uses and densities.

CRC-5 To ensure compatibility of land uses and to preserve the residential character of the Cemetery Road Corridor, O/P (Office and Professional) land uses should be encouraged along the new KY 234 highway corridor between Lovers Lane and Cumberland Trace.

CRC-6 Interchange signs and off-premise billboards shall be prohibited in the adopted corridor.

CRC-7 Any edge of a commercial site which abuts a residential district or use must be landscaped and screened.

CRC-8 Lighting in commercial areas should be compatible with the surrounding property uses.

CRC-9 Industrial development within the Cemetery Road Corridor shall be prohibited.





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