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Smiths Grove Rural Village Policy Plan

Smiths Grove Rural Village Focal Point Plan (Complete Document)

Smiths Grove Future Land Use Map 

Rural Village General Description

The Comprehensive Plan for Warren County characterizes Smiths Grove as a "Rural Village" focal point. Rural Villages are developed areas of Warren County that "represent unique opportunities for preservation of historic and architectural buildings and places. These villages are primarily historical agricultural service centers that may or may not have remaining commercial districts." The text further states that Rural Village policies should be "designed to enhance their individuality and livability, while providing for local situations".

Future Land Use Needs

The future land use plan is suited both for limited residential and commercial development. Future land use needs for the City of Smiths Grove are found on Exhibit 15.

In particular, the Smiths Grove Focal Point Committee recommend the development of tourist oriented activity along this proposed improved Highway 101 corridor. The suggested area of improvement adjacent to KY 101 should experience commercial development and residential growth in the coming years.

General Policy Statement

SG-1 To ensure orderly development of vacant tracts and in-fill sites within the City of Smiths Grove, the Future Land Use Map should guide all zoning and development decisions. The City of Smiths Grove currently has limited acreage available for new development. Plans must be carefully considered to ensure the best use is made of the land while benefiting the overall welfare of the City. A Future Land Use Map analysis has been prepared which identifies areas of the City that are suitable for particular types of development (see exhibit 15). Any development not in conformance with the Map must fully demonstrate the need for such development and how it will benefit the City of Smiths Grove and its residents.

Residential Policy Statements

SG-2 Infill residential development should reflect the character of the neighborhood with regard to size, scale, setbacks, and architecture. On sites that are currently vacant or that may be redeveloped, it is important that the development occur in a way that the neighborhood attributes be maintained or enhanced. In redevelopment, the footprint of the previous residence should be followed as closely as possible to ensure that new residences are well situated among existing residences. In areas where a specific architectural period is predominant, care should be given in designing new structures to not detract from the existing character.

SG-3 New single family residential development of greater than 10 units should be limited in density to no more than 4 units per acre. Single family residential development over the past two to three decades has typically been on larger tracts than the intensely development central core of Smiths Grove. These areas, generally along the outer edges of Smiths Grove, have developed slowly and in a general pattern of modern half-acre lot subdivisions. Single family residences continue to increase in size and limiting the allowable density will ensure that adequate space is available to handle parking, drainage, and open space needs in new development. Where a proposed development can adequately address these needs, this density may be increased to 6 units per acre.

SG-4 All new residential development must have sidewalks, curb, and gutter. The City of Smiths Grove has funded several sidewalk construction projects over the past decade in an effort to provide pedestrian access throughout the City. To further this goal, all new residential development, both single and multi-family, must be developed with sidewalks installed during subdivision construction. Adding curb and gutter will facilitate the drainage system for each development as well as contribute to the maintenance of any new streets.

SG-5 New multi-family residential development shall be limited to two-family and townhouses only. The predominant residential type in Smiths Grove is the single family residence. However, the need for more housing options has been recognized and two-family structures, such as duplexes, twinhomes, and townhomes can help meet that need. Limiting multi-family residential development to these structures will ensure that the neighborhood character is maintained, while providing some transition options from the single family neighborhoods to the commercial districts and higher traffic corridors, including the railroad.

Commercial Policy Statements

SG-6 Highway commercial development should be limited to the area designated on the Smiths Grove Future Land Use Map (exhibit 15). This area focuses on the Interstate 65 Interchange. The Smiths Grove Zoning Ordinance states that the purpose of the Highway Commercial (C-2) district is "for commercial uses which require a high volume of passing vehicular traffic to provide the support necessary for successful operations". The Zoning Ordinance further states that the expansion of the Highway Commercial district should only occur when the need for such use is clearly demonstrated. Highway Commercial businesses are designed to attract travelers to their offered services and most must have a minimum traffic volume to operate. These businesses are most appropriate near the high volume of Interstate 65 and restricting the uses to that area will ensure the maintenance of the small town atmosphere, including lower traffic volumes, within downtown Smiths Grove.

SG-7 Smiths Grove has a unique tourist market in its antique district and this niche should be encouraged to continue by allowing the mixed use of residential and antique businesses. Allowing an antique shop to be located in a personal residence would offer an incentive of lower overhead and expenses for potential small business owners. However, in allowing for a mixed use, the residential character of the structure must be maintained. In the current Zoning Ordinance for Smiths Grove, the residential districts do not allow for retail businesses in a residence, nor do commercial districts have residential use as a permitted, conditional, or accessory use. To allow for mixed use of properties in Smiths Grove, the Zoning Ordinance would require amendment.

SG-8 Commercial development in areas outside of the Highway Commercial district should be limited to a neighborhood size, scale, and type. Smiths Grove is recognized as a community service center for its residents, nearby Oakland, and the surrounding agricultural areas. Commercial development should be designed to serve the needs of the local population. Neighborhood scale commercial services can generally be limited to 2,500 square feet, but in no case should a commercial use command more that 6,000 square feet.

Industrial Policy Statements

SG-9 Only Light Industrial development and uses should be allowed and should be limited to the area designated on the Smiths Grove Future Land Use Map (exhibit 15). The predominant industrial use type in Smiths Grove is Light Industrial. The land use analysis determined that the City has several parcels adjacent to existing industrial lots that could be re-developed. The Warren County Comprehensive Plan has designated that in rural villages, new industrial uses should be located in the traditional industrial district or in newly developed industrial parks within the rural village. The future land use map (exhibit 15) has designated areas where Light Industrial uses may be located.





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