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The Joint City-County Planning Commission of Warren County was created under the authority granted by Chapter 100 of the Kentucky Revised Statutes.  The City-County Planning Commission includes twelve (12) citizen members for four year terms.  The Mayor of Bowling Green appoints four members, the Warren County Judge-Executive appoints four members and the Mayor of Plum Springs, Oakland, Smiths Grove and Woodburn appoint one member respectively.

There have been many significant dates (History of the City-County Planning Commission) for the Planning Commission since its creation in 1954. 

The current members include:

Velma Runner (Chairman) - Warren County

Tim Huston (Vice-Chair) - Warren County

Mary Belle Ballance - Oakland Sandy Clark - Plum Springs
Dean Warren - Bowling Green Albert Rich - Smiths Grove
Greg Gay - Bowling Green Tim Graham - Warren County
Eric Madison - Woodburn Chuck Coppinger - Bowling Green
Christiaan Volkert - Warren County Mary Vitale - Bowling Green
Hamp Moore-Planning Commission Attorney



Pursuant to Section 7.2.k of this Commission’s By-Laws, public hearings will operate under the following guidelines:

Staff Presentation – No time limit – Cross examination or questions pertaining to the Staff Report or applicable regulations can follow

Applicant’s Opening Presentation and Presentation of Witnesses – 15 Minutes – Cross examination or questions can follow related to the presentation

Represented Public or Opposition’s Opening Presentation and Presentation of Witnesses – 15 Minutes – Questions or cross examination can follow related to the presentation

Individual Public Comment – 3 Minutes – Redundant comments will be limited but there is no limit on the number of persons wishing to speak

Closing Arguments – 3 Minutes for Applicant and/or Public Spokesperson


The Planning Commission today provides a variety of services to the public. Among its primary functions are:

Implement the Comprehensive Plan, Zoning Ordinance, and Subdivision Regulations and prepare amendments thereto;
Conduct public hearings on zoning map amendments and subdivisions;
Supervise the construction of streets and public drainage facilities in new and redeveloped areas;
Provide support to the Stormwater Management Authority by maintaining flood plain maps, reviewing all developments for compliance with stormwater management regulations, and maintaining the Community Rating System program for the City of Bowling Green and Warren County;
Maintain the Official Maps program and the Geographic Information System;
Maintain the Enhanced 911 database and assign house numbers;
Provide staff support to the Board of Adjustments, University District Review Committee, Urban Growth Overlay District Committee, Greenways Commission, and the Historic Preservation Board.


The present City-County Planning Commission of Warren County can trace its origin to the formation of the Planning and Zoning Commission for the City of Bowling Green, Kentucky on April 23, 1954. The first Planning and Zoning Commission met for the first time on May 19, 1954 at 10:15 a.m. and consisted of the following individuals:

C.W. Lampkin, Ex Officio - Mayor, City of Bowling Green

Robert Graham, Ex Officio - Chairman, Public Works Board

Mrs. Wallace Barr, Sr.

Mrs. J.L. Thurber

Herbert Smith

Bennie Stephens, Ex Officio - Warren County Road Engineer

J.H. Barnard





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