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Zoning Ordinance Articles 1 - 8

(as amended through April 2015)

Article 1: General Provisions- Article 1 states that zoning affects every structure and use in Warren County and incorporated areas. It identifies the authority given to this Ordinance by the Kentucky Revised Statutes Chapter 100 and the purpose for this Ordinance. An additional provision is also stated, a "Right to Farm Policy", which conforms to the state law concerning the protection of an individual's right to continue agricultural operations.  

Article 2: Review Bodies- All review bodies are grouped in Article 2 so the user can easily locate them. These bodies include the Planning Commission, the Board of Adjustments, the Building Inspector, the City and County Code Enforcement Boards, the Historic Preservation Board, the University District Review Committee, the Urban Growth Overlay Design Review Board, and the Governing Bodies. Duties and responsibilities, membership, term of office, and jurisdiction are addressed for each entity. 

Article 3: Development Review Procedures- One of the most significant sections in this section of the ordinance is the collection of all review procedures, such as conferences, applications, notices, and hearing schedules, into one central location. In Article 3, the user will be able to quickly find the procedure for each of the development reviews that are covered by the Zoning Ordinance (eg. Variances, Zoning Map Amendments, Conditional Use Permits). The Article clearly identifies which reviews require published, mailed, or posted notices, and details the responsibilities of the applicant and the Planning Commission staff in the application process. 

Article 4: Zoning Districts- Article 4 includes district designations as well as some additional district categories. Each district includes a purpose and intent statement and the general development standards for each district, such as setbacks, lot width, and lot frontage. Several graphics add to visually interpret the text items. Summary tables of the development standards will serve as a quick reference guide.  

Article 5: Use Regulations - A "use category" table has been created in this Article to aid in quickly finding where a specific use is permitted by right, by conditional use, or subject to specific conditions.  

Article 6: Nonconformities- Article 6 is the nonconforming use section of  the Zoning Ordinance. 

Article 7: Enforcement - Enforcement of the Zoning Ordinance, penalties for violation, and remedies were all re-written  and are included in the new Ordinance.

Article 8: Definitions- Several definitions were updated or to help staff and the user understand the terminology in the Zoning Ordinance.  

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