2021 Transit Study | Transit Service Development Plan | Information

The purpose of the GO bg Transit Program is to deliver a safe, reliable, and efficient fixed-route service that is an affordable option for serving the travel needs of the community.

The purpose of this study is to examine the current GO bg Transit service and community transportation needs, recommending ways to redesign and/or improve transit service throughout Bowling Green over the next five to ten years.


Goals for the study recommendations include:
• Update and improve transportation services;
• Encourage and incentivize coordination and collaboration with Western Kentucky University’s Topper Transit;
• Improve connectivity and access;
• Increase ridership through targeted outreach, marketing, engagement and/or other contractor recommended strategies;
• Provide more transportation options;
• Improve accessibility; and
• Develop strategies to meet Performance Measure requirements.

Public Transit

The MPO works with our local public transit providers to assist with transit planning efforts. Bowling Green’s GObg Transit and Western Kentucky University’s Topper Transit are both fixed-route systems operating within the Bowling Green urbanized area. GObg Transit maintains a consistent operating schedule while Topper Transit only operates during WKU’s fall and spring semesters.


GObg Transit operates six bus routes to reach several major destinations within the city limits of Bowling Green – Greenwood Mall, Western Kentucky University, grocery and discount stores, doctors’ offices, Greenview Hospital, the Medical Center, the Convention Center, and Fountain Square Park.  Fixed route bus services are open to the general public and available Monday through Friday beginning at 6:00 a.m. and ending at 6:00 p.m.


To learn more about their routes, stops, days and hours of operation, and fare information, please view the links provided below:

BG Transit Options

GO bg Transit

WKU Topper Transit