NewsSpring 2020 Newsletter

Here at the Planning Commission, we’ve always been a fan of our community’s small businesses. We strive to help them succeed when their business is just an idea – from pre-application meetings through rezoning, conditional use permits, or whatever the case may be. We see the power in small businesses building the local economy, but also in giving our community a greater sense of identity. Have you ever thought about what makes Bowling Green-Warren County uniquely Bowling Green-Warren County? We have our hot rods – the minor league baseball team, Beech Bend Park, and the Corvette Plant and Museum; we have our famous sink holes, little league sports, and historic downtown square. If you’ve traveled much, perhaps you’ve been to a place or two that you really love. What made these places unique and why did you love them? As planners, we often look to this idea of placemaking as a means of highlighting the physical, social, and cultural identities that help to create a particular place and space.


Think back to those places you’ve loved – perhaps it was the natural wonders, artwork, walkability, or architecture that made those places unique. However, communities are oftentimes defined by their businesses and the pride those businesses have in serving their own community. As we face these unprecedented times, many of our small, local businesses are faced with very difficult decisions of closing up shop or risking the health of their employees and those they serve. But underneath it all, they also risk survival in an upheaved economy and our community faces the risk of losing one of characteristics that has helped to build Bowling Green-Warren County into the place it is today.


So today, and every day, give a second thought to what makes your city unique. How can you contribute to creating better spaces for people?  And how can you support our small, local businesses – from restaurants and retail to window shops and artists?


If you’re curious what’s open around our area, check out SOKY Happenings Restaurant Guide here. Lastly, here’re a few tips from Main Street America on how to #SupportLocalSafely during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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