This page contains a summary of proposed changes to the Zoning Ordinance that do not involve short-term rentals or signs. In other words, this is all the other changes. Please click the article title to link to a markup of the ordinance.


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Other Changes



  • Added provision for development within the proximity of an existing cemetery. Proposed changes include cooperating with the Cemetery Board and designating access to the cemetery. Other requirements may include fencing, no-build buffers and maintenance provisions (pg. 1-5)



  • Added character considerations for accessory apartments in the agriculture zone to match current requirements for single family residential zones. This includes a requirement that any entrance into an accessory apartment be located on the side or rear façade of the building (pg. 4-5).
  • Added flexibility for accessory structures in the RR zoning district, specifically eliminating the restriction that accessory structures must be located behind the primary residence (pg. 4-12).
  • Added twinhome development standards for RS-1B. Twinhomes were added as a permitted residential unit type in this zone in the last amendment to the zoning ordinance, but the corresponding development standards were omitted by mistake. Proposed standards include a minimum lot size of 5,000 s.f. and a minimum lot width of 37 ½ feet (pg. 4-15).
  • Reduced minimum lot size in RM-2 from 11,000 s.f. to 10,000 s.f. (pg. 4-23).
  • Clarified twinhome and condominium development standards in multi-family residential zones (pg. 4-23 and 4-28).
  • Clarified that the maximum building size in the GB zone is 10,000 s.f. This matches existing language in Article 5 (pg. 4-32).
  • Added a purpose statement to the landscaping section (pg. 4-33).
  • Added flexibility for outdoor storage in commercial and industrial zones. If enclosed by a fence or similar screen on three sides and not visible from any right-of-way or adjacent property, such storage shall not be classified as outdoor storage (pg. 4-54 and 4-60).
  • Clarified accessory structure standards for corner lots in commercial zones (pg. 4-55).



  • Added Group Living as a conditional use and corresponding specific use standards in the AG zone (pg. 5-2 and 5-9).
  • Added limited warehouse as a conditional use in GB and HB zones (i.e. online convenience retailers with little or no access to the public), as well as specific use standards for such use (pg. 5-4 and 5-32).
  • Clarified requirements and added flexibility for the keeping of animals in residential zones. If located within the City of Bowling Green, must adhere to City Ordinance. Livestock is permitted in all AG and residential zones outside the incorporated area of Bowling Green as long as minimum acreages are met based on animal weight (pg. 5-7).
  • Added flexibility in the Home Office category to allow limited merchandise storage up to 200 s.f. (pg. 5-8).
  • Added flexibility for location of Recreational Vehicle Parks and clarified specific use standards for such use. Must be located on a roadway at least 18 feet in width and meet the applicable requirements of the Barren River District Health Department (pg. 5-20 and 5-21).
  • Added flexibility for screening requirements for self-service storage when located adjacent to property zoned LI or HI (pg. 5-28).



  • Clarified development standards for nonconforming single family residential uses (pg. 6-2).



  • Removed the term and definition of Boarding House. There is no reference to this term in any other section of the zoning ordinance (pg. 8-4).
  • Changed Domestic Pet term to Domestic Animal to match language in Article 5 (pg. 8-6).