What is Board of Adjustments?

The City-County Board of Adjustments is a Joint City-County Board serving all of Warren County. Its main purpose is to add equity and balance to the Zoning Ordinance by addressing special and unique situations. The Board’s powers and duties are mandated and set forth in KRS Chapter 100.217 and the 2001 Zoning Ordinance.


  1. Hear and decide variances to the dimensional requirements set forth in the Zoning Ordinance.
  2. Hear and decide conditional use applications for certain uses within zoning districts.
  3. Hear and decide appeals from any order, requirement, decision, or action of any zoning official with respect to the provisions of the Zoning Ordinance.

Agendas, Minutes & Staff Reports

Meeting Date:Agendas:Minutes:Staff Reports:
January 13, 202201-13-2022Variance: 2022-V-02 - Robert T. & Janet L Ebelen and Floyd Olson - 225 Stone Ridge Street & 370 Stone Crest Avenue
Variance & Waiver: 2022-V-03 - Mark Williams and TMAG Properties - 1150 Drakes Ridge Lane
2022-V-04 - Brian Gilbreth and Hunky Dory, LLC - 124 Riverwood Avenue
CUP: 2022-C-08 - DeWayne & Virginia Browning - 4678 Morgantown Road
CUP: 2022-C-01 - Marple Farm & Real Estate, LLC - 1901 Will Bohannon Road
CUP: 2022-C-02 - Marple Farm & Real Estate, LLC - 271 Dunn Moon Road
CUP: 2022-C-04 - Jacqueline Peden Fowler - 2585 Vance Lane
CUP: 2022-C-05 - C & J Ventures, LLC - 1972 Porter Pike
CUP: 2022-C-07 - Hardcastle Rental Properties, LLC - 941 Park Street
December 9, 202112-02-202112-09-2021Waiver: 2021-V-25 - Derek Lott and Erika Nelson - 352 Whitecotten Drive
Variance: 2021-V-26 - Brent Fulk and Bowling Green Properties, LLC - 0 Nashville Road
Conditional Use Permit: 2021-C-21 - Charity & J. Kyle Goddard - 2625 Abby Court
Conditional Use Permit: 2021-C-22 - Glendale Baptist Church, Inc. - 1807 Cave Mill Road
October 14, 202110-14-202110-14-20212021-V-24 - Mitchell & Amy Wright - 6802 Buddy Miller Drive
September 9, 202109-09-202109-09-2021Variance: 2021-V-21 Larkin-Jones Properties, LLC
Variance: 2021-V-22 MNM, LLC
CUP: 2021-C-18 Matthew & Shelby Hingle
CUP: 2021-C-19 Seeing Double, LLC
August 12, 202108-12-202106-10-2021 MinutesConditional Use Permit: 2021-C-13 Derrick & Deserea Huff
Waiver: 2021-V-16 Kappa Sigma Fraternity
Waiver: 2021-V-18 Brett & April Zachary
Variance: 2021-V-19 1RAM Rentals
Conditional Use Permit: 2021-C-14 Light Mission Church
Conditional Use Permit: 2021-C-15 Jett & Courtney Miller
Conditional Use Permit: 2021-C-16 Larry & Diana Caillouet
Conditional Use Permit & Variance: Hardy & Son Funeral Homes
June 10, 202106-10-202106-10-2021Variance: 2021-V-13 - Dion Houchins
Variance: 2021-V-14 - Sonny's BBQ c/o Rick Thomas
Variance: 2021-V-15 - Buc-ee's Kentucky, LLC c/o Stan Beard
CUP: 2021-C-12 - Frances Denis
May 13, 202105-13-202105-13-2021Variance & Waiver: 431 Wren Rd
Variances: 537 East 10th Ave
Variance: 854 Lain Court
Variance & Waiver: 300 Blue Level Road
CUP: 1106 Adams Street
CUP: 1517 Westpark Drive
April 8, 202104-08-202104-08-2021CUP: 0 Cemetery Road
CUP: 1740 Goshen Church Rd South
CUP: 1202 Nahm Drive
March 11, 202103-11-202103-11-2021CUP: 0 Cemetery Road
CUP: 0 & 598 Gotts-Hydro Road
CUP: 1423 Scottsville Road & 1514, 1516, 1565, 1567 & 1569 Newton Ave
February 11, 202102-11-202102-11-2021Waiver: 1851 Scottsville Road
Variance: 1600 Eastland Street
CUP: 305 Graham Road
CUP: 407 Plum Springs Loop
January 14, 202101-14-202101-14-2021Variance: 115 Willow Bend Court
CUP: 821 McFarland Lane
December 10, 202012-10-202012-10-2020Variance: 1001 Homestead Court
CUP: 5993 Scottsville Road
CUP: 1008 Girkin-Boiling Springs Rd
CUP: 1521 Magnolia Street
November 12, 202011-12-202011-12-2020Variance: 115 Hilltop Trail
Variance: 285 Stone Ridge Street
CUP: 1945 Boyce-Fairview Road
CUP: 60 The Trace Drive
CUP: 148 Dude Howard Rd
CUP: 334 Sumpter Ave
CUP: 803 Beech Bend Rd
CUP: 7244 Cemetery Rd
CUP: 620 Old Morgantown Rd
September 10, 202009-10-202009-10-2020Variance: US 31W Bypass
Waiver: 1165 Crewdson Drive
CUP: 231 Broadway St, Smiths Grove
CUP: 335 Kentucky Street, Smiths Grove
CUP: 1311 East 13th Ave
CUP: 506 State St.
CUP: 365 & 609 Beckham Rd
August 13, 202008-13-202008-13-2020Variance: 231 D. F. Petty Rd
CUP: 8018 Porter Pike
CUP: 3558 Will Bohannon Rd
CUP: 395 Hays Road North
CUP: 0 (formerly 1519) Kentucky HWY 185
CUP: 1215 Smallhouse Road
July 9, 202007-09-202007-09-2020Waiver: 56 Onyx Court
CUP: 200 Mark Trail
CUP: 6488 Louisville Road
CUP: 8018 Porter Pike


The City-County Board of Adjustments includes seven citizen members for four year staggered terms. The Mayor of Bowling Green appoints four members, and the Warren County Judge-Executive appoints three members. The current membership includes:

Mike Davenport


Warren County

Dr. John Fitts

Vice Chair

Bowling Green

Courtlann Atkinson

Bowling Green

Lloyd Ferguson

Bowling Green

Danny Howell

Warren County

Jim Lockwood

Warren County

Elaine Smith Price

Bowling Green

Hoy Hodges