Welcome to the new City County Planning Commission web maps. More information and more up-to-date information is provided online through these map versions. This necessitated us moving to four maps instead of one, with more to come. Its a new look and a new way to access information.These maps are accessible from any device (smart phone, tablet, pc) from anywhere you have a data connection.

The old map is…. old … and gone to make way for newer technology. To help with the transition we have created tutorial videos (scroll down) to assist with navigation of the new maps. Hopefully the learning curve is short. You can always call our office for assistance if needed.

Hungry for more? The City of Bowling Green also has several online map sources available here: https://www.bgky.org/publicworks/gis.

Planning & Zoning

This map contains parcel information, address points, zoning, future land use, existing land use, overlay zones, historic districts and focal point plan boundaries. The zoning history layer contains Development Plan Conditions / Binding Elements.

Past Applications & Permits

This map contains building permits, billboard locations, applications to CCPC since 2008, site development plans including DDP and ODP and zoning history including Development Plan Conditions / Binding Elements.

Transportation & MPO

Transportation system including transit routes/stops, speed limits, traffic counts, roads, sidewalks, existing/proposed trails/greenways, MTP projects, TIP projects, CHAF wish list projects and the urbanized area boundary.


This map contains a terrain map, contours, spot elevations, sinkhole/cave probability, wetlands, floodplain, prime farmland, soil suitability for septic tanks, and the karst drastic index. There is also a topographic profile tool to visualize elevation relief.

Voting & Political Boundaries

This map contains voter precincts, county magistrate districts, state representative districts, county volunteer fire districts, zip code boundaries, and a historical representation of Bowling Green annexation history.

Public School Districts

This map contains public school districts for Warren County Public Schools and Bowling Green Independent School districts. Student attendance boundaries for elementary, middle and high schools as well as school board member voting areas.

BikeWalkBG Map

This map contains the locations of biking and walking infrastructure throughout Warren County. This includes shared-use paths, bike lanes, share-the-road/sharrows, walking paths, and sidewalks. Use this map to find our greenways and plan future routes to walk, ride, or run.

Need some assistance learning to use and navigate the new maps? Below are some short videos to help get you started.