Below are plans and studies used as reference material during the FOCUS 2030 Comprehensive Plan 2022 update cycle. More will be added as they become available throughout the update cycle.

Scottsville Road Corridor Study
The Scottsville Road Corridor Study, completed in 2015, provides polices and recommendations for areas including the southeast intersection with Interstate 65 and continuing south toward the intersection of Alvaton Road. The corridor includes all of the property with frontage on Scottsville Road as well as the properties with frontage along Mel Browning Street, Greenwood Lane, Bluegrass Farms Boulevard, Iron Skillet Drive, Cypress Wood Lane, Cherry Farm Lane, Orange Court, JFS Circle, Ivy Farm Court, Ivy Farm Street, Wildlife Court and Davenport Road. The corridor also includes the properties that had frontage along Scottsville Road, but now have frontage along an old segment of the road.
Plano Road Focal Point Plan
This plan outlines existing conditions of the Plano community and establishes land use recommendations and priorities to help shape future development and accommodate to future growth. The boundary of the focal point plan extends from the intersection with Scottsville Road to the intersection of Woodburn-Allen Springs Road (KY 240), and encompasses all properties west to I-65 and east to Dye Ford Road.
MPO 2045 Metropolitan Transportation Plan
This plan identifies existing and proposed transportation facilities and services that are necessary to meet the transportation needs of Bowling Green and Warren County by the year 2045. There are nine goals and corresponding objectives that set the direction for the priorities established in the 2045 MTP and provide a foundation in which the MPO and community partners can work to improve the transportation system.
MPO Studies & Reports
This link takes you to the Metropolitan Planning Organization resources page where you will find a variety of transportation reports and studies: Bowling Green Transit Study, I-65 Interchange Feasibility Study, Kentucky and Adams Streets Improvements Study, US 31W Bypass Road Diet Feasibility Study, and others including Fairview Avenue, Campbell Lane, downtown and more.
MPO BikeWalkBG Bike-Ped Plans
This link provides access to the BikeWalkBG bicycle and pedestrian plans. There are three plans listed. The Multimodal Implementation Plan provides recommendations for improvements to non-motorized connections in the community’s transportation system. Next is the West End Walk and Ride Plan to improve the bicycle and pedestrian network to the west end of Bowling Green. The last plan is the 2014 Greenways Master Plan which is currently being updated.
Bowling Green Housing Needs Assessment
This assessment was completed in 2019 and is a comprehensive analysis of housing needs and market factors in Bowling Green and Warren County. If focusing on existing stock as well as future demand including types of housing products needed.
City of Bowling Green Capital Improvement Program
Includes a two year projection of capital expenditures in Bowling Green including priority major projects that could influence future development or a change in land use for surrounding properties.
Bowling Green Chamber of Commerce 2021 Action Plan
A shared vision for the future of our community and local economy. Outlines strategic initiatives, goals & objectives relating to improving the area’s economic standing.
Barren River Area Development District (BRADD) Regional Plans
This link will take you to the Barren River Area Development District’s collection of publications which includes numerous regional plans covering a variety of topics including: hazard mitigation, transportation, community & economic development, aging, and others.
Other Sources and Plans
The following plans or sources were consulted but unavailable to post: WKU Campus Master Plan, public & private utility plans, Warren County Public Schools, Bowling Green Independent Schools, broadband expansion plans. We will add any of these plans as they come available to the public.