Community Assessment Update – Appendix 1

Watch the video to be informed on statics and current and future trends in our community and beyond. The discussion and input session scheduled for December 14, 2021 at 5:30 PM in the Capitol Arts Building was cancelled in order to focus on tornado recovery efforts. If you have any questions on the video, please email us with as subject of “Session 2”.

This two hour long recorded presentation focuses on updates to statistics and current as well as future national, state and local trends. Updates to the community assessment appendix in the FOCUS 2030 Comprehensive Plan will include updated information mostly from the yet to be released 2020 Census data. More statistics will be updated throughout the process as additional Census 2020 data becomes available. Staff and the discussion panel cover current trends in housing, workforce, transportation and other topics.

00:00 Introduction
01:52 Statistics & Resources
03:50 Population Projections & Trends
06:34 Regional Trends & BRADD Interview with Emily Hathcock
10:00 Population Migration Trends
11:55 Development & Building Activity Interview with Eric Druen CCPC
18:52 National & Local Trends
28:08 Local Housing Trends Interview with Kenny Cravens RASKY
37:50 Housing Affordability
46:42 Housing Affordability Interview with Rhondell Miller Hotel Inc.
58:32 Workforce Trends
1:03:32 Automated Warehouse
1:04:50 Autonomous Vehicles & Deliveries
1:10:19 Delivery Robot
1:11:40 Drone Air Delivery
1:15:17 Air Taxis
1:17:19 Transportation MPO Interview with Karissa Lemon CCPC
1:25:21 Retail & Commercial Trends
1:28:30 Real Estate Interview with Alex Nottmeier Neal Turner Realty
1:37:59 Farming Trends
1:41:18 Autonomous Farming
1:42:27 Farming Interview with Joanna Coles WC Cooperative Extension

Discussion Panel Participants Interviewed

City County Planning Commission staff – Ben Peterson, Eric Druen, Karissa Lemon

Realtors Association – Kenny Cravens

Hotel Inc. – Rhondell Miller

Neal Turner Realty – Alex Nottmeier

Warren County Cooperative Extension – Joanna Coles

General Panel Questions

What do you think is the biggest concerning statistic or trend today?

What do you think are the biggest concerns are moving into the future?

Are there any data or trends do you think the community should be aware of moving into the future that were not discussed?

Questions & Answers / Comments

Please email us at with a subject of “Session 2” to submit a question or make a comment specific to Session 2.