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What is the FOCUS 2030 Comprehensive Plan? How is it used? What does it say? How do you provide input?


The Comprehensive Plan is the community’s vision for how we would like to see all areas of Warren County grow and develop through the year 2030. Areas include the cities of Bowling Green, Oakland, Plum Springs, Smiths Grove, Woodburn, and all of Warren County. It is the product of over five years of work by the community starting in 2008 until adoption in 2012. It is the officially adopted guide for actions and decisions on the use and development of land, the provision of governmental services and facilities, the planning of streets, highways and other modes of transportation, the planning of facilities including water, sewer, storm drainage, and parks and open space.


The plan generally has a 20 year time frame and it has been 10 years. It’s halftime people! It is time to take a thorough look at the plan contents, update statistics, analyze trends, and determine if any adjustments need to be made. While it is not anticipated that any major changes are needed, it is time to make our halftime adjustments to lead us into the next half. Oh, and state law mandates 5 year updates so we are taking care of that as well. It is anticipated that this process will take about a year and we are anticipating having 10 meetings / opportunities for public input pending available time, resources, and participation. This is the opportune time to provide input into how you would like to see the community grow and have insight into the items in which land use decisions are based on!


The process will kick off with a first meeting tentatively scheduled around the second week of November, along with a monthly review of each section through November 2022. Staff is formulating the review strategy, setting up meetings, and accumulating helpful resources for the update. The main resource is our website: www.warrenpc.org/compplanupdate/. Sign up to receive updates through Constant Contact, follow us on Facebook or Twitter @BGWCplanning, or email us at planninginfo@bgky.org.